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Sneaky enemy in Your Living Area

Healthy sleeping and breathing are one of the most basic requirements of prover living. Disturbance of sleep with disorders such as skin irritation, difficulty in breathing, nasal obstruction and headache are the factors negatively affecting the quality of life. But what could be the main reason for such disturbances?

Frequent complaints such as shortness of breath, nasal congestion, eye watering, skin itching or sneezing are common problems people encounter due to allergic reaction to mites.


What is Mite?

Acarus organisms called mites are living things smaller than a grain of sand, with a diameter of 0.1 – 0.5 mm, which can only be seen under microscope. Temperature around 20-30° C and 60-70% humidity is the ideal environment for their living. Mites love warm and humid environments and feed on dead skin cells, hair, hair, bran and other organic substances from people.

The main mites that cause allergic reactions and various disorders in humans are as follows:

  • Biting mites
  • Scabby type ( causing scabies) mites
  • Dust mites

What are the disorders caused by mites?

Almost 10% of the human population and almost 80% of allergic people are allergic to mites and wastes from them. Mites and inhalation of their debris cause allergic reactions such as asthma and inflammation in the nasal mucosa in many people. In humans; depending on the degree of exposure to mites and the wastes they create, problems such as itching or asthma attacks may occur.

The main disturbing allergic effects that mites have on humans are:

  • Chronic rhinitis: Nasal leakage, sneezing complaints
  • Atopic dermatitis syndrome (eczema): Redness, itching
  • Allergic asthma: shortness of breath caused by allergens, rapid breathing

Where are mites found?

The beds are the perfect environment for the mites. The mites are hidden among the sheets and they feed on dead skins. Additionally, they may live in furniture, pillows and carpets. They feed on types of dead skin such as people’s organic rash, dandruff. Areas such as seat upholstery, carpets, floor coverings are especially suitable for mites to live.

The beds, linens, pillows and pillow cases, bedspreads, carpets, and flooring in the common areas are the most suitable places for mites to grow and live.

Mite in Numbers

In order to better understand the location and size of the mites in our lives, it is necessary to look at the numeric facts related to the mites.

  • People shed about 3.6 kg of skin a year, and these skin rashes are excellent sources of food for millions of mites.
  • An average bed can accommodate between 100,000 and 2,000,000 mites.
  • One gram (about half a cup of tea) powder contains up to 1,000 mites and about 250,000 stool droppings produced by these mites.
  • There may be some 100,000 mites in every single meter square of the carpet.
  • According to your age, your bed may contain between one million and 10 million mites.
  • A mite can produce up to 1,000 allergen waste particles over an average 80-day life cycle.
  • Weight of an average bed doubles in 10 years because of the accumulation of mites.
  • The weight of a pillow increases by 10% due to the mites accumulating over a year.
  • A single mite produces 20 stools per day, and each feces contains a protein that causes allergies in humans.
  • The bed cover may contain between 100,000 and 10 million mites.
  • The amount of mite in the 2-year-old feather and synthetic cushions is higher than the amount of mushroom on the toothbrush used.

Ways of getting rid of mites

Mite-related allergies can be recognized by scientifically-proven environmental controls. There are many ways to get rid of and protect from mites.

The main ways to destroy mites are as follows:

  • Sweeping of all furniture with a vacuum cleaner with high vacuuming capacity, using HEPA filter machines if possible.
  • Washing bed linen and mattresses at 60 degrees
  • Using anti-allergic beds and pillow cases
  • Regular ventilation of the environment and reduction of the humidity of the environment
  • Effective cleaning of carpets and upholstery
  • The use of an effective mite killer product

What is the size of risk in the work environment?

Since the number and circulation of people in areas such as hotels and offices is higher than at home, the mite population in such areas as beds, flooring and carpets is higher. Therefore, the risk of allergic effects on people is higher in the environments such as hotels and offices than in the home.

The main factor of customer satisfaction in hotels is the cleanliness of the rooms. However, a comfortable and non-perforated sleep affects 100% positive customer satisfaction. Especially the hotel guests with allergic reactions encountering breathing difficulties, nasal congestion, headache, skin itching and such uncomfortable complaints during the stay. is something all hotel employee would avoid. In order to avoid such situations, especially in hotels, areas such as beds, carpets, seats and flooring should be treated periodically with a product that kills mites and prevents the growth of mites.

Maratem Anti-Mite, the product of Eczacıbaşı Profesyonel, which provides solutions to businesses in the field of out-of-home consumption, helps eliminate the risk of allergic complaints and associated asthma caused by mites and provides long-term protection. Maratem Anti-Mite can be used on surfaces such as bed, carpet, rug, seat, curtain, car seat and plush. Maratem Anti-Mite is odorless and does not stain.

Maratem Anti-mite has a solid material made of a rubber-like substance. The active substance is controlled from a solid core and released at a certain rate, providing protection against mites for 3 months.

Eczacıbaşı Profesyonel is aware of the importance of a healthier society and works to make the living areas more hygienic. In this context, Eczacıbaşı Profesyonel’s hygienic environment offered to enterprises is provided with special solutions and the risk of spreading diseases is reduced. Eczacıbaşı Profesyonel, which offers special solutions for its customers, provide education to over 6000 employees within 1 year, with specialist staff training to business units with EPA Academy offers solutions in the fields of auditing and consulting.