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Frequently Asked Questions

Anyone who is responsible of cleaning and hygiene practices and working in an establishment in the away from home business such as hotels, catering companies, malls, hospitals, and schools can join our program.

You can find answers to questions about cleaning and hygiene subjects in the E-Learning Program.

You can view "Fundamental" course even if you're not a customer of Eczacıbaşı Profesyonel. Only our customers can view the courses other than "Fundamentals", but the "Fundamentals" course is open for everyone.  If you want to view more content, you can contact us from communication from or "Talk to an Expert". 

You can click "Sig Up" button on the right top of the page and fill up the registration form. Afterwards you can start training from "Fundamentals" course. 

If your establishment is already a member of E-Learning Program, you have to register with the "company code"  that will be given to you by the authorized person working in your establishment. You can click on "Sign Up" button, choose "Sign Up with corporate account" option and than fill up the form.

If you are our corporate customer, you have to register with the company code that will be given to you by the authorized person working in your establishment. If you have registered as "Personal Account" you can not view other courses.

The certificate of each course will be generated automatically in the system if the minimum success rate  80 points of each quize is achieved. You can download your certificate immediately. 

The minimum required achievement point to pass the quizes is 80. If you get below 80 points, you have to take the quiz again. You can take each quiz for 10 times. If you fail in quizes more than 10 times, and the average point of all the quizes is below 80 points, you need to take the course from the begining in order to get the certificate. 

You can click "forgot my passwod" button stated in the "Sign in" page. You can sign in with your new password that will be sent to your e-mail address automatically.